Mission & Philosophy


To provide our students the opportunity to develop their God-given talents, virtues, and faith through the acquisition of knowledge, the practice of prayer and the imitation of Christ in self giving.


We will grow ever closer to God through daily prayer. We will live and expand our faith by sharing, loving, and respecting one another. We will shine by giving our best effort in all of our schoolwork so that we can succeed today and contribute to a better world tomorrow.


St. Aloysius School endorses the call of the Catholic Bishops of the United States to express its educational ministry through the objectives of personal spirituality, social justice, and a strong academic program in accord with the Education Department of the Diocese of Birmingham.

St. Aloysius serves the community by producing students who have been taught to think independently and objectively, and to make valid judgments. Survival of our way of life in America depends upon the quality of leadership our schools are able to produce. The Catholic School has the opportunity and responsibility to make our nation a better place.

With the goal of high school preparedness for all students, the objective of St. Aloysius School is excellence in a Christian academic atmosphere, namely:

  1. To develop the total Christian personality by instilling in the students a respect for life and reverence for Christian living.
  2. To develop within the school a strong religious education program based on Catholic Theology, Scripture, Liturgical experience, service, and which includes solid intellectual and moral training, so that each child will grow and develop in the Christian way of life and endeavor to reach his/her eternal goal.
  3. To aid students in the evaluation of their own capabilities and vocational possibilities.

It is the consensus of the faculty that every human being has a right to pursue knowledge corresponding with his/her dignity and God-given ability, regardless of background or sex. In the early years, education is often of the utmost importance because through education and guidance the children of today become the Catholic citizens and leaders of tomorrow.